Tuesday December 11, 2018

ACC Claimants Blogs

ACC Claimants Blogs

Wanting Transparency Following Court Win

I am begging the IRD to do an investigation into where all the money I was awarded, in the past under ACC Tribunals, and recent Court Win has gone...


6 months post judgment, I am still not prepared to sign forms when there has been 21 years of wrongful strikeout of my identity, then the creation of 2 identities about me


acc are asking me to go over to examine a spreadsheet that i know is not only wrong in figures, its the wrong act, wrong details etc.....

as in the the same garbage in my file being placed into the open again....


I am sick of asking for the tainted details to be corrected, so now I am getting rather arrogant, as I've had enough...


when the court has awarded, and you have not received what is lawfully yours, where do we go, and who is accountable???


To me, IRD are the higher I just want transparency and accountability....and want the Ministers of Justice, ACC and Health to enable the investigation to go ahead.....


now if i was hiding anything....would I be asking for this to occur???



Three new 'independant' ACC specialists
Provisions of the 1982 Act.

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