Tuesday December 11, 2018

ACC Claimants Blogs

ACC Claimants Blogs

We're Back

Well I've basically had the last 18 month's off.

It is a mental drain monitoring the news about ACC and keeping up to date with ACC's latest shenanigans.

It's also disheartening to see the same old shit surfacing year after year.

ACC using it's own system to disadvantage and abuse genuine claimants.

A new 'crop' of claimants emerging every December as the ACC Case Manager's strive to get their KPI's up and earn their annual bonus.

This new 'crop' of "fully rehabilitated" claimants (low hanging fruit) learning all to soon that the ACC has not been their friend. That their friendly case manager has in fact lied and manipulated the system and that ACC's "independant" specialiast's are not.

This new 'crop' of claimants are having to learn very quickly how the system works and how it has been used to disadvantage them.

Claimants that while recovering from serious injury now have to become experts in ACC law and are discovering that there a only a very few specialist ACC advocates that understand the system and can help them.

Hopefully a few claimants will find this site and make use of the information provided.



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