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ACC Claimants Blogs

Fact checking

On Monday the eleventh of June 2012 I wrote a blog about Dr Anthony Burgess.

This Blog commented on a expose by 60 minutes about ACC and Bronwyn Pullar and various other news items published by reputable news outlets such as Stuff & the New Zealand Herald.

In fact that Story "Eye of the Storm" went on to win the Investigation Of The Year at the TV awards in November 2012.

Melanie Reid also won Journalist Of The Year for that expose.

I am reasonably confident that the reporter from 60 minutes, Melanie Reid would have checked her facts before publishing the story

However I can no longer find the published video, or the news articles mentioning Dr Anthony Burgess concerning ACC's handling of the breaches of privacy on Bronwyn Pullar's claim.

Dr Anthony Burgess informed me that the video and news items concerning him were removed because they were inaccurate.

I can understand the News papers withdrawing their reporting of the expose because at the end of the day they were not privy to the information supplied to Melanie Reid and 60 minutes.

So as requested I unpublished my blog about Dr Anthony Burgess and redirected that URL ( ) to another. ( )

So did Bronwyn Pullar lie and produce false information to 60 Minutes in order to sensationalise her story?

I have long considered that Bronwyn Pullars actions in releasing the story and the 'supposedly' redacted copy of claimants private information to the press was purely a self serving method of advancing her own claim.

The fallout from Bronwyn Pullars expose led to the eventual resignation of Dr Nick Smith a former Minister of ACC

The then current minister of ACC Judith Collins ended up with a huge amount of "egg on her face" for her mishandling of the entire situation and ACC's mismanagement of reported privacy breaches.

On a positive note ACC has changed its policy and now has better procedures in place to protect claimants private informationn.




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