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From the article by Rob Stock. Untangle the red-tape of accident claims

Not being experts, people rely on ACC case officers to get it right, and to ensure they get the entitlements they have paid their levies for.

The number of times ACC case officers gets things wrong is unknown and unknowable, but errors happen, and fighting them can take years of gruelling court action for people whose capacity and financial resources have been reduced by injury.

And, just like dealing with a private insurer, it's up to individuals to do all they can to encourage ACC to do right by them.

Read the Code of ACC Claimants Rights

Complain if your case manager is failing to live up to the code, which ACC insists it tells all claimants about.

Official figures show not many are complaining, but a report from the Auditor General last year concluded the ACC complaints system was complicated. Many claimants didn't know the process, and many complaints went unrecorded.

But there were bright points in the report, and ACC has said it is working to implement suggestions from the report.

Officially, in 2012 to 2013, ACC received just over 1600 complaints. The Auditor General thinks the real number that should have been recorded was probably closer to 20,700.

The 1600 figure is surprisingly few, considering over 9000 reviews of ACC decisions were taken.

The more people let minor abuses continue, or case officers treat them badly, the longer it will continue to happen.

Keep your own files

Record conversations

Take every interaction seriously:

Every time you sign a form, or fill in information, or have a conversation, make sure to concentrate.

Read every word of the declarations you are being asked to make. The truth of ACC is that if your case officer gets something wrong, they get to apologise and move on, but if you even innocently make a false statement, you could find yourself dubbed a fraudster.

Don't believe everything you are told

Never lose your head

You have choices
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