Saturday April 21, 2018
Monday, 16 April 2018 10:02

ACC looking poor to UN ACC looking poor to UN

Our failure to live up to international obligations over legal aid support for ACC-related reviews and appeals is a "matter of intense embarrassment" for New Zealand.

That comment came yesterday from experienced Dunedin ACC lawyer Peter Sara.

A United Nations monitoring committee, considering New Zealand’s compliance with its international obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, recently asked the  Government to comment on two ACC-related matters.

Monday, 09 April 2018 12:49

‘Frustrated’ Acclaim out ‘Frustrated’ Acclaim out

Claimant support group Acclaim Otago is "disappointed and frustrated" with the latest restructuring of ACC’s community liaison committees and will no longer take part.

Acclaim spokeswoman Dr Denise Powell has represented Acclaim on the committees for 13 years, most recently as a member of ACC’s advocates and representatives group (ARG), since 2012.

Restructuring ARG was "a slap in the face", given that a review report by consultants MartinJenkins  suggested ARG had not been "timely or productive".

Tuesday, 27 March 2018 10:39

Claimant advocate Mike Dixon McIver outside ACC's Masterton branch office Talk to the phone, not the face

ACC phone into dispute hearings despite a judge ruling this method was ineffective.

ACC set up a Resolution Services team last July. Staff are based in Dunedin, Lower Hutt, Hamilton, and Auckland, and generally teleconference into local meetings.

Furthermore, the Government agency does not consistently file pre-hearing submissions. Claimants have technical jargon thrown at them in the dispute resolution meetings they cannot prepare for, feeling like the system is stacked against them.

Thursday, 22 March 2018 09:27

Paula Rebstock, pictured at her Auckland home as she is made a dame in the 2016 New Years' honours for public services. Since 2014 she awarded sometimes hefty pay increases to the chief executive of ACC, despite SSC advice. ACC chairwoman Dame Paula Rebstock quiet on CEO pay row

A leading public servant who was knighted for services to the state has ignored State Services Commission (SSC) direction over chief executive pay for three years in a row.

Documents released under the Official Information Act show Dame Paula Rebstock, as chairman of the Accident Compensation Corporation, repeatedly ignored pressure from the commission when she and the rest of the board agreed to hike chief executive Scott Pickering's pay.

Public sector senior pay reports published by the SSC show over the three years of the dispute, Pickering's remuneration jumped by around $230,000 or 38 per cent

Saturday, 17 March 2018 08:25

  Christopher Booth had his ACC compensation payments suspended. Dispute over travel stops ACC payments

Christopher Booth was facing serious hardship after his weekly ACC compensation payments were suspended.

"I couldn't pay my rent this week. I was afraid I was going to be kicked out of my house," he said.

The payments were stopped after Booth, of Invercargill, failed to attend a neurologist appointment in Dunedin on Friday last week, but he maintains that travelling for a couple of hours each way could cause a permanent deterioration in his condition because of the vibration experienced while driving in a vehicle.

Sunday, 04 March 2018 17:04

ACC claimant Natasha Howell says the government needs to protect the interests of ACC claimants and provide free advocacy services. ACC claimant 'devastated' after signing over her payout to advocate

An ACC claimant who signed over every cent of her backdated payout to an advocate says the Government should provide free legal support services.

Christchurch woman Natasha Howell, 44, was awarded $84,797 in compensation in a settlement with ACC after her weekly payments were cancelled. Howell suffers from severe pain related to spinal surgeries.

She had signed a contract handing over any backdated compensation to an "accident compensation law specialist" in June 2017 to help her challenge ACC's decision to cancel her payments.

Saturday, 03 March 2018 07:53

Su Nicholson had two operations on her back which left her with a 'flat-back' or no curve in her lower spine. ACC accused of return to bad old days

A retired judge who investigated the Accident Compensation Corporation more than a decade ago wants a new inquiry.

ACC claimant Su Nicholson wrote to former Chief District Court Judge Peter Trapski seeking an inquiry.

Mr Trapski's reply this month says: "I have heard of a number of similar cases and it distresses me that the corporation has - long ago - reverted to its old practices."

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